Products And Services


The many business and residential products and services offered by the West Can Group of companies include:


The key to West Can's success is their people. Expertise is evident in the qualifications and experience of the West Can staff. The responsive management and knowledgeable staff are West Can's customer service advantage. During the past decade, customers have come to recognize West Can's outstanding record of service and savings. Customers are pleased to have their money remain in Canada. Our newest addition to the services provided by West Can Group is Conference Calling. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-665-0384 or Michelle at 1-877-750-2112 to have this added to your existing account.

What’s New

  • West Can Group offers inbound Toll Free numbers. Not only great for businesses but an economical and convenient method for family members to call home.
  • West Can's Calling Cards are convenient for employees or residential customers when traveling.
  • Ask us how we can partner with your organization to offer your membership fantastic long distance savings! .